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5 Life Lessons from Peyton’s Press Conference

Peyton Manning

{jcomments on}by Coach Czes (Twitter: @CoachCzes) (Originally published the day after the Colts released Peyton Manning) As difficult as it was to watch the Peyton Manning press conference yesterday, it immediately dawned on me that there was a lot to be learned from what was going on. Here was a hero, who has been the face of a successful organization for the ... Read More »

The Last Postgame Speech


Every coach goes through it. You spend months working with a group of players to mold and shape a season. Countless hours go into designing plays and drills to help the team succeed. The time spent always has ups and downs, but through it all the team becomes a family. A special group that, in its current form, ultimately has ... Read More »

The Importance of Character in Coaching

by Coach Czes (as appeared in TimeOut Magazine’s Winter 2012 Issue ( The word, “character,” has been at the forefront of many news reports lately, in light of recent allegations of criminal misconduct at two prestigious universities that have altered the perception of the coaching profession in the mainstream media.  As the investigations unfold, we can only hope that the ... Read More »

A Leadership Opportunity for Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez

by Coach Czes With all of the talk starting up again about the New York Jets QB situation, I would love to see Mark Sanchez embrace the leadership opportunity in front of him by teaching the media a little about being part of a team. He has a chance to become the true leader of that team by setting an ... Read More »

Are You Up for the 44-Minute Challenge?

The following challenge is one we started making to our players two offseasons ago after a disappointing season. Along with the challenge, we provide scheduled workout times and workout programs for players to do on their own.  For a player to become great, (and for college or professional players) the 44 minutes is not sufficient; however, if this becomes the bare minimum ... Read More »

Developing Yourself as a Coach

by Coach Czes (as appeared in TimeOut Magazine’s 2011 Convention Issue This year’s Final Four marks the 10-year anniversary of an epiphany in my coaching journey.  I was attending the NABC Convention at the Final Four as a young college assistant eager to make my mark.  I had been in coaching for all of about 5 years, so naturally ... Read More »

Seven Ways to Spread Your PASSION for the Game

by Coach Czes If there is one trait that stands out in those considered the best of the coaching and teaching profession, it is passion. Watching a teacher or coach who truly loves what they are doing is both inspiring and educational. A great teacher brings out the best in those around them because their passion is contagious and creates ... Read More »

Using Technology to Communicate with Your Program

by Coach Czes (as appeared in the Winter 2011 Edition of the NABC’s TimeOut Magazine) High school coaches have seen their jobs change significantly in recent years.  Emerging technologies in schools have players, parents, and administrators expecting information to be available at their fingertips.  In schools where parents can check their student’s grades in real time, they grow accustomed to ... Read More »

Lamenting the State of the NBA

by Coach Czes Last night after attending several clinics at the NABC Convention in Detroit, I went back to my hotel in Windsor to relax and transcribe my notes from the clinics into my laptop and write up this newsletter. Before getting to work I realized I hadn’t eaten in about 8 hours so I walked down the street to ... Read More »

Why I Coach

by Coach Czes I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be a coach. Every time I see a player in the hallway, receive an e-mail or call from a former player, or get the chance to be around other coaches I am energized and grateful that this profession exists for me to be a part of. Those ... Read More »