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The Importance of Character in Coaching

by Coach Czes (as appeared in TimeOut Magazine’s Winter 2012 Issue ( The word, “character,” has been at the forefront of many news reports lately, in light of recent allegations of criminal misconduct at two prestigious universities that have altered the perception of the coaching profession in the mainstream media.  As the investigations unfold, we can only hope that the ... Read More »

Chris Mack is Brilliant

I have to believe that this video will go every bit as far as hours upon hours on the recruiting trail. Xavier coach Chris Mack lets his guard down and introduces his family (and their lighter side) to the world! Read More »

A Leadership Opportunity for Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez

by Coach Czes With all of the talk starting up again about the New York Jets QB situation, I would love to see Mark Sanchez embrace the leadership opportunity in front of him by teaching the media a little about being part of a team. He has a chance to become the true leader of that team by setting an ... Read More »

He Couldn’t Sleep Fast Enough

Sleep Faster!

by Harvey Mackay (Twitter: @HarveyMackay) Although I am not quite ready for it, I’m often asked what I would like put on my tombstone.  I often reply:  “He couldn’t sleep fast enough.” I guess I’m afraid I’m going to miss something.  That’s why I often stay up late at night and always get up early in the morning.  To be ... Read More »

5 Daily Steps to Balance Work & Family


by the Dads @ In today’s world, one of the most common and urgent needs among fathers is tips for managing their time. The ability to do this is a key to success at work and with your family, and the beginning of a new year might be a great time to start some new habits in this area. ... Read More »