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How to Fuel for Performance

(Note from Coach Czes: This is a great article from my good friend Alan Stein. Alan runs an all-inclusive weekend event called “The Huddle” in April, and is offering a big discount right now. If you have any interest at all in improving players’ athleticism, you NEED to Watch This!) by Alan Stein, Last week I had an unparalleled ... Read More »

Russell Rules by Bill Russell

Russell Rules

Russell Rules by Bill Russell Take responsibility for everything you do. One great quality that leaders have is the ability to take responsibility – we all know that responsibility ultimately gravitates to the person who can shoulder it. We must all be strong enough. Read More »

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

The Talent Code

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle These people are not average teachers; neither is Mary Epperson. As Bloom and his researchers realized, they are merely disguised as average because their crucial skill does not show up on conventional measures of teaching ability. Read More »

5 Ways to Stay Positive When Others Are Not

by Jon Gordon, brilliant author and speaker I speak to a lot of organizations on the importance of positive leadership and the benefits of building a positive culture that fuels peak performance. Yet, one of the most common questions I receive after my talks is… “Jon, what do I do when others around me, like my boss or coworkers, aren’t ... Read More »

14 Ways to Improve Basketball Mental Toughness

by Ray Card, Retired HS Coach and valued mentor to me Mental toughness is the ability to control thoughts and actions and maintain a focus on what is truly important in a calm and poised way under competitive pressure. It is important that your players know and can explain whatever you define mental toughness to be. Here are some ideas for ... Read More »

The Last Postgame Speech


Every coach goes through it. You spend months working with a group of players to mold and shape a season. Countless hours go into designing plays and drills to help the team succeed. The time spent always has ups and downs, but through it all the team becomes a family. A special group that, in its current form, ultimately has ... Read More »