Are You Up for the 44-Minute Challenge?

The following challenge is one we started making to our players two offseasons ago after a disappointing season. Along with the challenge, we provide scheduled workout times and workout programs for players to do on their own. 

For a player to become great, (and for college or professional players) the 44 minutes is not sufficient; however, if this becomes the bare minimum that everyone does on a daily basis, your program will reap the benefits.

The 44-Minute Challenge

In life, if you want to be successful at anything you do, you must put in the time and effort to hone your skills and give yourself the confidence to perform when it counts. The more you push yourself to work – when no one is watching, on days you don’t really feel like doing it, and/or without someone prodding you – the more confidence you will gain, and pride you will take in your achievements.

From now, until the day our next season begins, we are asking you to commit 44 minutes a day to basketball. Why 44 minutes, you ask? There are 1,440 minutes in every day. 44 minutes represents a mere 3% of that day and is a small investment that will pay huge dividends. Even if you take into account that the average American teenager sleeps for 9.4 hours (564 minutes), there are still 876 minutes in your conscious day, and we are only asking for 5% of that day.

Ask yourself if taking 5% of your waking day in order to prepare yourself to be a better player and teammate is worth it. Envision our program competing for a State Championship every year and you being a big part of it. Take every shot in the offseason as if it were to win the State Championship. If we do the work, we will enjoy (and deserve) the success we desire.

There are many ways to free up 44 minutes in a day. Wake up 15 minutes early and watch one less TV show. Wake up 30 minutes early and play one less video game. Stay away from Angry Birds. Cut back on your Facebook time. The possibilities are endless!

You can spend the 44 minutes in a variety of ways, including working on basketball skills, becoming a better athlete (conditioning, lifting weights, playing other sports), and studying the game and our playbook

Your coaches will help you set goals, put together a plan, and provide you with the resources you need to improve your game. Will you commit the time necessary to achieve those goals?  Will your opponents?

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