A Leadership Opportunity for Mark Sanchez

A Leadership Opportunity for Mark Sanchez

by Coach Czes

With all of the talk starting up again about the New York Jets QB situation, Mark SanchezI would love to see Mark Sanchez embrace the leadership opportunity in front of him by teaching the media a little about being part of a team. He has a chance to become the true leader of that team by setting an example for everyone in the locker room about what it takes to be a great team. He should embrace the philosophy of great organizations like the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers who preach that, “The Standard is the Standard,” and know that good teams rely on everyone on the roster to contribute to a Championship.

Here is what I would love to hear Mark Sanchez come out and say:

“Let’s make this real simple. We are professionals, and we are part of a team. My #1 concern is the New York Jets winning football games. Obviously I want to play well and help the team win, but if that doesn’t happen, I still want us to win football games. We players don’t make personnel decisions, we play football. It’s my job to go out there and play as hard as I can and get the most out of the ability God gave me.”

“On good teams, if one player isn’t getting the job done or gets hurt, the next guy steps in and the team doesn’t suffer. That is what I want for the Jets. If I play great football and we start 6-0 and I get hurt, do you think I want the team to stop winning? No, I want Tim to step in and make sure the team doesn’t miss a beat. Tim gives us versatility, flexibility, and security. I am thrilled to have him as a teammate.”

“Because we are professionals, the same is true of every position on this team. It isn’t just a QB thing, it is a TEAM thing. That’s why NFL rosters don’t consist of 25 players. We are going to be 53 guys and a coaching staff working together toward a common goal. That’s what makes a great team, and that’s what we have here. Everyone on the roster contributes when it is their time to contribute.”

What are your thoughts on how he should handle the situation?

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