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5 Life Lessons from Peyton’s Press Conference

Peyton Manning

{jcomments on}by Coach Czes (Twitter: @CoachCzes) (Originally published the day after the Colts released Peyton Manning) As difficult as it was to watch the Peyton Manning press conference yesterday, it immediately dawned on me that there was a lot to be learned from what was going on. Here was a hero, who has been the face of a successful organization for the ... Read More »

The 5 Keys to Fully Maximize All of Your Talent

by J.P. Clark, Boston Celtics, Assistant Skill Development “I don’t want to be any good.” “I am not interested in becoming the best I can become.” “I want to be mediocre.” Have you ever heard any of the above statements spoken from an aspiring player? The answer to that question is most likely no. These statements are never spoken, ever. You ... Read More »

How to Give a Meaningful “Thank You”

by Mark Goulston Forget the empty platitudes; your star employee is not a “godsend.” They are a person deserving of your not infrequent acknowledgment and worthy of appreciation and respect. When was the last time you thanked them — really thanked them? In my line of work, I frequently communicate with CEOs and their executive assistants, and nowhere is the ... Read More »

The Two Most Important Words

by Robert A. Eckert When I arrived at Mattel, the company was losing almost a million dollars a day, the bonus pool was empty, and equity awards were underwater. I believed that those challenges were surmountable. On my first day, at a “town hall” gathering in the cafeteria, I said, “I know how this works. We will turn things around, ... Read More »

7 Signs of a Humble Athlete

courtesy of All Pro Dad In his book Don’t Waste Your Sports, author C. J. Mahaney profiles what a humble athlete looks like: 1. A humble athlete recognizes his limitations. We all come with divinely imposed limitations—limitations meant to humble us. 2. The humble athlete welcomes critique and correction from coaches and teammates. If we’re humble, we realize that we have ... Read More »